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The RIF Identity MVP has the objective to develop a basic model putting into action the different tools known today in the field of self-sovereign identity:

  • Identity management in public ledgers
  • Issuance and verification of digitally signed credentials
  • User-centric cloud storage
  • Identity and credential authentication

The model is the emission of ID Cards, Driving Licenses and Parking Permits. Citizens use a mobile wallet application where they input their identity details like name and age, and request any of these credentials to the government. The government agent accesses a web application where all the credential requests are listed and can be manually granted. Once credentials are granted, Citizens store them in a user-centric cloud storage called The Data Vault. Police officers can verify citizen's credentials scanning a QR code using another mobile application.

To understand the model we identify three actors:

  • An issuer: the government
  • A holder: a citizen
  • A verifier: a police officer

The user story

The main user story across this project is:

  1. As a citizen I would like to request for a driving licence credential with my mobile phone
  • I want to be asked before sharing my personal information
  1. As the Government I would like to issue credentials when requested
  • I want to validate citizen information
  • The credentials must be digitally signed
  • The credentials must comply with W3C VCs specs
  1. As a citizen I would like to store the credential issued by the MoT in my phone
  2. As a citizen I would like to access a list of my credentials and its details with my phone
  3. As a citizen I would like to present a credential in form of QR when a police officer ask for it
  4. As a Police officer I would like to verify a credential presentation made by a physically presents in form of QR
  • The credential must be a valid W3C VCs credential presentation
  • I want to view the citizen’s personal information
  1. As a citizen I would like to backup every credential I receive and be able to restore it

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