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The MVP - Design & Architecture

The product is designed in 5 layers

Applications layer

User interfaces letting users form part of the model

Services layer

W eb services built to enable communication and interaction between actors

  • Issuer service - allows receiving credential issuance requests and approving them manually
  • Convey service - Public transport layer for JWTs using IPFS
  • Data Vault - This service uses an IPFS node to pin files (POC implementation - productive implementation documentation here)


The libraries

Reusable and secure implementations compliant with the design protocols

  • Mnemonics - identity derivation tools using mnemonic phrases
  • RSK DIDs - handle Ethr DID method procedures in Rootstock (RSK) network
  • [Ethr DID](../../identity/libraries/ethr-did - uPort ethr-did with Rootstock (RSK) support
  • DAF bindings - use uPort agent with RIF identity multi identity model
  • VC Core module - Verifiable Credentials in React.js + Redux
  • Express DID Auh - Express middleware to authenticate users using DIDs and VCs (POC implementation - - productive implementation documentation here)


The protocols and specifications

A set of documents describing how actors perform different actions over the model - read more here

The infrastructure

All the model is design on top of Rootstock (RSK) and IPFS

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