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RIF Marketplace Mainnet

You can access the Marketplace on the Rootstock (RSK) Mainnet:

Wallet Setup

  1. Download a browser wallet. Recommended: Liquality Wallet
  2. Connect your wallet to RSK Mainnet. You can do it with the top right selector (connect dApp) on Liquality Wallet.
  3. (optional) List RIF token balance using this address: 0x2acc95758f8b5f583470ba265eb685a8f45fc9d5. In Liquality wallet, you can do this in the manage assets tab - add custom token - select chain (RSK) - contract address.
  4. Browse the RIF Marketplace to access the available services.

Smart contracts

Name Services - NFTS Placements

NFTS Proxy: 0xa966be39a13723D991dfa92B2B0cf6B0c7416eE5

NFTS ProxyAdmin: 0xBa7958AA482fe532F54998443c768E6323e957B5

NFTS Implementation: 0x712025c9fe1CA55296cE439c4aC04019c266A5B1

Storage Services - Manager

Storage Proxy: 0xa18c181229F374b00f126fC952775d41A4F4c40e

Storage ProxyAdmin: 0x03860e12049248F5198010f9FA004A0832bbbbEb

Storage Implementation: 0xA06EE5485ebc2F4D0388d43C54d4d8B64e5D9a45

Staking (Storage)

Staking: 0xe82Eb1C0D40D555b8030116132EdA0B9f1032263

RNS Manager (to register and manage RNS Domains)

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