RIF Marketplace Testnet

You can access the Marketplace on the Rootstock (RSK) Testnet: marketplace.testnet.rifos.org

Wallet Setup

  1. Download a browser wallet. Recommended: Liquality Wallet
  2. Connect your wallet to Rootstock (RSK) Mainnet. You can do it with the top right selector (connect dApp) on Liquality Wallet.
  3. (optional) List tRIF token balance using this address: 0x19F64674D8A5B4E652319F5e239eFd3bc969A1fE. In Liquality wallet, you can do this in the manage assets tab - add custom token - select chain (RSK) - contract address.
  4. Browse to RSK faucet to get some gas.
  5. Browse the tRIF faucet to get some test RIF tokens.
  6. Browse the RIF Marketplace - Testnet to access the available services.

Smart contracts

Name Services - NFTS Placements

NFTS Proxy: 0xfa5aDE767A422c66cAFD94c3710F5B92467fb85E

NFTS ProxyAdmin: 0xE660A209c733ba0C1331E9997cb31309e7c28A52

NFTS Implementation: 0xcEd09738227b611b4681a1Aa05CDb0D72ebFbEA5

Storage Services - Manager

Storage Proxy: 0x839856c0ec1aa2AED25d47Fd3DDb7a14DAC3e76d

Storage ProxyAdmin: 0xB0Ec8d94d53b336Eca5b7280a52Ce3D241C98e11

Storage Implementation: 0xFAd0FDd942a5330594E7BBA270460EF8fA8579eC

Staking (Storage)

Staking: 0x11Be792f8fcfc84897b88E149dD3Fb66B422256f

RNS Manager (to register and manage RNS Domains)


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