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Setup node on AWS

Step 1:

Navigate to the AWS Console site:

Step 2:

On the AWS services dashboard, click on EC2 (Virtual Machines), then on “launch instance” button.

Step 3:

Click on AWS Marketplace, search for “rsk”, and select the “RSK Node Bamboo v0.x.x MainNet”; Review the prices and select “Continue”.

Step 4:

Select the instance type. The once disabled doesn’t reach the minimum hardware requirements. Then, click on “Next: configure instance details”

Step 5:

Optionally change the default values on this screen, and continue clicking on “Next: Add Storage”

Step 6:

In the Storage section, increase the size to any size that is 50GB or higher, the minimum recommended to run the node, then click on “Next: Add Tags”

Step 7:

Optionally add a tag to identify the instance, then, click on “Next: Configure Security Group”

Step 8:

Now create a new rule with the TCP 22 port, and select a source to open the SSH port and be able to connect to the node remotely, then click on “Review and Launch”

Step 9:

Review the info and click on “Launch” to start the VM deployment

Step 10:

After AWS deploys the VM, enter the VM details and use the IP or DNS to connect to the node.

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