Whirlwind introduction to DeFi - RSK + RIF Webinars

This workshop along with an interactive Q&A will cover the key differences between CeFi and DeFi, and the key components in DeFi plus more. Will touch upon DEX's, AMM and what are the possible drivers for the sudden surge in DeFi. Not to miss anything out, we will look at what are the key challenges in front of DeFi to succeed.

What you will learn

Learn about Stable coins, DEX, AMM, Bonding curves, Derivatives , Oracles plus more.

Prior reading materials

If you are new to the DeFi space, we recommend you read the following report prior to the workshop: DeFi Adoption 2020 : A definite guide to entering the industry

Thursday, October 15, 2020

12:00 PMGMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


  • Anish Mohammed,Co-founder, R² Labs- @anishmohammed