Flyover Protocol Documentation | Glossary

See a list of terms about/related to the Flyover Protocol and their meanings.

  • callFee
    • callFee is made up of the LP fee, service fee, and gas limit fees. User has to send the sum of value plus callFee. It is the default fee to be applied to a quote.
  • Client:
    • This refers to a user sending BTC to RSK or a wallet service that integrates the flyover protocol.
  • quoteHash:
    • This is a 64 digit number that derives from a quote object. Quote hash can be generated by calling LBC.hashQuote() contract function. A hashQuote is the function the LBC offers to generate the quoteHash from a quote object.
  • EOA:
    • Externally owned accounts (EOAs) are accounts that are controlled by users who control the private keys for an account or wallet, these keys are typically generated using a seed phrase.
  • Liquidity Provider (LP):
    • The LP is in charge of making an RSK call or advancing funds on behalf of the user.
  • Liquidity Provider Server (LPS):
  • Liquidity Bridge Contract (LBC):
  • Locking cap:
    • This is the limit specified in the bridge which rejects transactions once the lock cap is exceeded, and will begin accepting transactions when funds in the network decreases. Note: This limit is a security measure and may increase in the future.
  • PegIn:
    • This is the process of converting BTC to RBTC. See Mainnet Guide.
  • PegOut:
    • This is the process of converting RBTC to BTC. See Mainnet Guide guide.
  • penaltyFee:
    • The penalty fee that the LP pays if it fails to deliver the service. This is a value defined in the LPS's config file. As of now, in testnet it is set to 1000000 wei, for mainnet, this value is yet to be defined.
  • Powpeg:
    • The 2wp-app is a tool that enables the easy use of the PowPeg protocol.
  • Refund address:
    • This address is used only in the case that the locking cap on the bridge is surpassed. There are two types of refund addresses; rskRefundAddress and btcRefundAddress. See parameters section for more information.
  • Quote:
    • The quote structure defines the conditions of a service, and acts as a contract between users and liquidity providers. It returns an array of quotes.

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