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Find a list of tools, scripts, and github repos to build dApps using the flyover protocol.

Liquidity Provider Server (LPS)

This is a server that interacts with a Liquidity Bridge Contract (LBC) to provide liquidity for users as part of the Flyover protocol. The server runs a local Liquidity Provider (LP), and also allows connections from remote LPs. See the Configuration File for LPS.

The Testnet LP Server is hosted at:

System requirements:

  • go 1.16.5 or above
  • DB Browser for Sqlite (or equivalent) or sqlite3 cli tool

How to Set up LP Server Locally

See the liquidity provider repo for instructions.

Alternatively, you may choose to use a Testnet instance of the Liquidity Provider Server:


In this custom script you can find an example of the hashQuote call, this uses hardhat + ethers.js to trigger hashQuote. See an example of the execution below:

npx hardhat hash-quote --quote 

Quote hash:  0x4e8cfbdcd99d1ff57ce4773ebe21d5f2c8ff240b38e751353688d6c9daba1708

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