Using the RIF Rollup Block Explorer

The RIF Rollup Explorer is everything you need to explore all transactions and blocks on RIF Rollup. Visit the Explorer.

RIF Rollup Block Explorer

Viewing Transactions

To view a transaction on the explorer, start by entering an address in the search field. In this tutorial, we will use the RIF Rollup (L2) Wallet Address.

Enter an L2 address and click on search button

Search to view address

Click on Tx Hash to view in-depth details about a particular transaction, its status and also view the transaction on L1 or L2 explorers.

View more details

Adding contacts

Adding contacts enables you to monitor and send funds easily without having to remember or keep tabs of long addresses.

To add a contact to RIF Rollup, click on Contacts and click Create new.

Contact screen

Enter address and name of contact, then click Create Contact.

Create contact on Rollup

View Saved Contact

Click on the arrow to send funds to the saved contact or click on the three dots to edit or delete saved contact.

View saved contact

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