RIF Relay Gas Costs

The overhead gas cost is the extra amount of gas required to process the relay call requested by the user. Let's call X the gas consumed by the destination contract method call, and Y the total gas consumed by the relay call, then the relay call cost (i.e. overhead gas cost) is: Z = Y - X.

SmartWallet templates

RIF Relay V0.1 only has one SmartWallet template, which can be used as-is, or be injected with extra logic during the SmartWallet instance creation.

V0.2 introduces a cheaper template (SmartWallet), to be used when there's no need for extra custom-logic in the smart wallets. The behaviour is the same as the CustomSmartWallet template of V0.2, but without this capability.

Gas cost from the deployment of each template.

RIF Version SW Template Avg. overhead gas
0.1 SmartWallet 172400
0.2 CustomSmartWallet 98070
0.2 SmartWallet 97695
1 CustomSmartWallet TBD
1 SmartWallet TBD

Note that the instance of CustomSmartWallet used didn't point to any extra custom logic.

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