rLogin - integrated backend authentication

rLogin also integrates an authentication model based on the user's digital signature capabilities when connected to their wallets. The model is based on the SSI standards of DIDs, VCs and VC JSON Schemas

Read more about standards in RIF Identity specs


This will require you to install the authentication library in your backend. First, follow backend guidelines to integrate the authentication model and then just add the backend url to rLogin.

Open flavor

For apps that wish to authenticate users by their account. Configure the backend URL in rLogin and it will prompt users to sign the access code with their wallet.

const rLogin = new RLogin({
    providerOptions: { /*... */ },
    backendUrl: 'http://url-to-backend',

Data Vault flavor

Additionally, you can integrate SSI. This can be used to request users for specific information such as their email. This flavor will integrate RIF Data Vault, and enables you to operate with the user centric cloud system from your dApp.

import * as RIFDataVault from '@rsksmart/ipfs-cpinner-client'

const rLogin = new RLogin({
    /*... */
    dataVaultOptions: {
        package: RIFDataVault,
        serviceUrl: 'https://data-vault.identity.rifos.org',

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