RNS User Guide to Connect Brave to the Rootstock (RSK) Network

Locate Brave's Wallet

The wallet in the Brave browser is not as prominent as it is with Chrome or Firefox Metamask plugins. The wallet is located under the Main Menu / Crypto Wallet:

Brave - Locate Brave Wallet

If this is the first time you have set up Brave it will ask you to create a wallet. This article assumes that you already have a wallet. Since the wallet is hidden under the main menu, It is advised to bookmark the URL, and place it on the bookmark row. To do this, on Windows press [CTRL]+[D] or on Mac, [Apple]+[D].

Brave - Create a wallet

This should place Wallets on the bookmark bar for easy access. This will make it easier to switch between different networks and accounts.

Brave - Switch networks

Connect to the Rootstock (RSK) Mainnet and Testnet

On the wallet screen, towards the right, it should show that it is connected to the Main Ethereum Network. If you toggle the dropdown, towards the bottom there is an option to connect to a "Custom RPC". See the image below;

Brave - Connect to Mainnet

The New Network tab will open and ask some questions about the network. For RSK Mainnet, use the following settings:

Input Field RSK Mainnet Value RSK Testnet Value
Network Name RSK Mainnet RSK Testnet
New RPC Url https://public-node.rsk.co https://public-node.testnet.rsk.co
Chain Id 30 31
Block Explorer URL https://explorer.rsk.co https://explorer.testnet.rsk.co/


Brave - Testnet and Mainnet

Hit Save and close settings.

Getting your Rootstock (RSK) account address

If you closed out of the wallet, navigate back to your Crypto Wallets by using the bookmark you set. Under "Account 1" you will see your address and a copy button. Copy your address to the clipboard.

Brave - Copy address to clipboard

This is the address that you will use in the next step of getting RBTC.

Add the RIF token

Next, we need to add the RIF token which is used in the Rootstock (RSK) network. While connected to the Rootstock (RSK) Mainnet, on the Accounts page, towards the bottom there is a heading "Don't see your Tokens?" and a link to "Add Token":

Brave - Add RIF Token

Click the Add Token link and then click on the "Custom Token" tab. In the first field, Token Contract Address put the RIF Token Address:

Network RIF Contract Address
RSK Mainnet 0x2acc95758f8b5f583470ba265eb685a8f45fc9d5
RSK Testnet 0x19f64674d8a5b4e652319f5e239efd3bc969a1fe

When you press tab, or move to the next field, Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision will autofill with the token's information:

Brave - Add Decimal and Token Symbol

Click "Next" and then "Add Tokens".

You can repeat these steps for the Rootstock (RSK) Testnet.

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