Getting started - RNS User guide

Please read the setup guide if you haven't yet.

Register a domain

To register a domain, two transactions are involved. This process takes more or less 5 minutes. Let's start:

  1. Go to the RNS Manager. Type the domain you want to register and click on 'Search'.

    UserGuide - Search domain

  2. If it is available click on 'Register', otherwise search for another domain.

    UserGuide - Register domain

  3. Choose the amount of years you want to register your domain for and click on 'Request domain'.

    UserGuide - Request domain

    You can extend the expiration time whenever you need to.

  4. Confirm the transaction.

    UserGuide - Confirm transaction

  5. Wait for aproximately 2 minutes until the domain is requested. A new screen will be prompted.

    UserGuide - Prompt screen

  6. Click on 'Register domain'.

    UserGuide - Click register domain

  7. Confirm the transaction clicking on 'Submit'

    UserGuide - Click submit transaction

  8. Wait for transaction confirmation

    UserGuide - Transaction Confirmation

  9. Done! You now own an RNS domain.

    UserGuide - RNS Domain

Now, click on 'Admin my domain' and following the Operation guide you can find a lot of things you can do with your domain.

Log in to a domain

If you already own a domain, use the top right selector to login with it. You can login to more than one domain and switch between accounts to perform the different operations you need.

  1. Go to the RNS Manager. Click on login, located at the right selector.

    UserGuide - Click Login Selector

  2. Type the domain you own, and click on 'Enter'.

    UserGuide - Click Enter Domain

If the domain is already in the list you can login to it by clicking here:

UserGuide - Login to domain

Log out of a domain

If you want to remove a domain from the list of logged in domains

  1. Login to the domain

  2. Click on the domain in the top right

    UserGuide - Click on domain

  3. Click on 'Log out'

    UserGuide - Log out of domain

Change the language

  1. Go to the RNS Manager.

  2. Change the language with the top right selector

    UserGuide - Change language

  3. Choose the language you want.

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