Setup - RNS User guide

To use the application and the service we are going to need three things:

  1. An internet browser extension wallet. Read Compatible wallets how to get a compatible wallet, or read the guides to connect Nifty wallet and Metamask wallet to Rootstock (RSK)
  2. RBTC to pay for the transaction cost. See Getting RBTC
  3. RIF tokens to buy or extend the expiration of a domain. See Getting RIF Tokens. Also, read here on how to view your tokens in your wallet.

Compatible wallets

The RNS Manager can be used seamlessly with the following wallets. To setup your wallet, follow the instructions in connect to Rootstock (RSK) network.

Nifty wallet recommended
Get the wallet

Get the wallet

Brave's Wallet
Get the browser

Connect Nifty wallet to Rootstock (RSK)

  1. Open your wallet.

  2. Open network selector

    Setup - Nifty wallet network selector

  3. Choose 'RSK' option

    Setup - Nifty wallet network selector RSK

To use the Rootstock (RSK) testnet network, choose the 'RSK Testnet' option instead of RSK.

Connect Metamask wallet to Rootstock (RSK)

Find the guide on Metamask.

Getting RBTC

Since RNS works on top of Rootstock (RSK) blockchain, to pay for transactional fees you will need RBTC tokens. This is going to be used in the registration and for updating any configuration on the domain.

Read the RBTC Token to find exchanges and more RBTC token information.

If you are using the testnet you can get free funds in the RSK faucet

Getting RIF Tokens

The RNS domains have a value in RIF tokens. The cost is described in this table:

Years RIF value
1 year 2 RIF
2 year 4 RIF
3 year 5 RIF
4 year 6 RIF
5 year 7 RIF

Each extra year over the three years cost 1 RIF token.

Read RIF Token to find exchagnes and more RIF token information.

If you are using the testnet you can get free funds in the RIF faucet

Display amount of tokens in the Nifty wallet

To see how many tokens you have in your wallet you should list the RIF Token.

  1. Open your wallet (ensure you are connected to Rootstock (RSK))

  2. Go to 'Tokens view'

    Setup - Nifty wallet Tokens View

  3. Click on 'Add token'

    Setup - Nifty wallet Add token

  4. Select RIF Token

    Setup - Nifty wallet RIF Token

    You are also able to choose RNS Token. This represents the amount of .rsk domains owned by your wallet, you can add it too.

  5. Click next

Note: The Nifty browser wallet has been discontinued. See the Nifty Wallet) page for more information.

Display amount of tokens in the Metamask wallet

Read Config Custom Tokens to add a custom token to the wallet. You should add the token address displayed here.

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