Python Library

Python Library to resolve your RIF Name Service address on your app.


  • Python Version: 3.7
  • Pip Version: lastest
  • VirtualEnv Version: lastest


To run unit tests, clone this repository.

Run Rootstock (RSK) Node and deploy resolver contracts. Check constants folder to specify, RPC_CLIENT_URL in file and RNS_RESOLVER_ADDRESS in file.

Add the PYTHONPATH environment variable of your operating system to the path of the folder where you cloned the project, this will allow the tests to directly invoke the file by console.


pip install virtualenv
virtualenv -p /yourLocalPythonPath/python3.7 rns_sdk_py_env
source rns_sdk_py_env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
python develop
python3.7 tests/units/ -v

The result that you should see if everything went well is

test_addr (__main__.TestResolverConctract) ... ok
test_addr_not_set (__main__.TestResolverConctract) ... ok
test_has_other_kind (__main__.TestResolverConctract) ... ok
test_set_addr (__main__.TestResolverConctract) ... ok
test_set_content (__main__.TestResolverConctract) ... ok
test_supports_interface (__main__.TestResolverConctract) ... ok
test_unsupports_interface (__main__.TestResolverConctract) ... ok

Ran 7 tests in 1.043s


Usage and Getting Started

In a Python console:

from rns_sdk.resolver_contract import ResolverContract

resolver = ResolverContract()


Build Source

To generate a compiled package you must use

python3.7 sdist bdist_wheel

Receive updates

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