RNS JS Library

RNS JS Library has been built to make blockchain easy for developers. In simple words, it allows developers to interact with the entire RNS suite without needing to go deep into the RNS blockchain solution architecture. No more ABIs to instantiate contracts, no more contract addresses, just one library: RNS JS. It is fully customizable and has the needed presets to work with either Rootstock (RSK) Mainnet or Rootstock (RSK) Testnet without any extra configuration.

Set it up in your local environment

1. Installation

npm i web3 @rsksmart/rns

2. Instantiate

import Web3 from 'web3'
import RNS from '@rsksmart/rns'

const web3 = new Web3('https://public-node.rsk.co')
const rns = new RNS(web3)

3. Get an address!


Are you excited about it and want to know more? Let's dive into the library with our getting started guide for beginners, or jump directly to the available operations section and start using them in your local environment. You can even try them out right here on this page:

RNS JS has been built by and for developers, so we are always looking for collaboration. Check out our contribution section, where you will find how can help RNS with proposals, issues, or pull requests.

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