RNS JS Library - Contribute

Run for development

Install dependencies:

git clone git@github.com:rnsdomains/rns-js.git
cd rns-js
npm i

Run tests:

npm test

Try out your development

Create a test project

# in rns-js folder
npm run build
npm link
cd ..
mkdir rns-js-test
cd rns-js-test
npm init
npm i web3
npm link @rsksmart/rns

Create a new .js file, instantiate the library and try out your development.


  • master branch points to the latest release.
  • develop branch contains changes that will apply next release. The first commit after release bumps to next version.
  • Other branches (feature branches) point to develop.

Find release scopes in milestones.

Receive updates

Get the latest updates from the Rootstock ecosystem