RNS Testnet

You can access the Marketplace on the RSK Testnet: marketplace.testnet.rifos.org

Registration flow

  1. Download a browser wallet. Nifty Wallet
  2. Connect your wallet to RSK Testnet. You can do it with the top left selector on Nifty Wallet.
  3. (optional) List tRIF token balance using this address: 0x19F64674D8A5B4E652319F5e239eFd3bc969A1fE. In Nifty wallet do this in Tokens tab.
  4. Browse to RSK faucet to get some gas.
  5. Browse to tRIF faucet to get some test RIF tokens.
  6. Browse to RNS Testnet Manager and search for your desired domain.
  7. Follow the registration process.

Note: The Nifty browser wallet has been discontinued. See the Nifty Wallet) page for more information.

Smart contracts





RSK Registrar

RSKOwner: 0xca0a477e19bac7e0e172ccfd2e3c28a7200bdb71

FIFSRegistrar: 0x36ffda909f941950a552011f2c50569fda14a169

FIFSAddrRegistrar: 0x90734bd6bf96250a7b262e2bc34284b0d47c1e8d

Renewer: 0xe48ad1d5fbf61394b5a7d81ab2f36736a046657b

NamePrice: 0x794f99f1a9382ba88b453ddb4bfa00acae8d50e8

BytesUtils: 0x7faf084ef72cb71f3383a5c568c70853ac4c298e



NameResolver: 0x8587385ad60038bB181aFfDF687c4D1B80C4787e

RSK Registrar legacy

TokenRegistrar (auction): 0x3d1a11c623bd21375f2b69f4eec814f4ceeb1d8d

Legacy Resolvers

Public Resolver: 0x1e7ae43e3503efb886104ace36051ea72b301cdf

MultiChain Resolver: 0x404308f2a2eec2cdc3cb53d7d295af11c903414e

RNS Manager


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