RNS Manager

The RNS Manager is a simple tool that interacts with RNS Smart Contracts via Metamask. It has the following methods:

  • Manage auction with Registrar contract
    • Check domain status with entries
    • Start an auction with startAuction ERC-677
    • Make a bid with shaBid and newBid
    • Reveal a bid with unsealBid
    • Finalize an auction with finalizeAuction
  • Manage rent payment with Deed contract
    • Check rent status with owner, tokenQuantity, expirationDate and canPayRent
    • Pay the rent with payRent ERC-677
  • Manage domain ownership with Registry contract
    • Manage owner
    • Manage resolver
    • Manage TTL
    • Manage sub nodes
  • Manage domain resolutions with Resolver contract implementing addr field
    • Resolve a name with addr
    • Change address resolution with setAddr

For further information go to the site.

This project is open source: fork and PR!

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