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RIF Rollup

The objective of this project is to provide the Rootstock (RSK) community with a scaling solution based on Zero-Knowledge Rollups.

Deprecation Notice: RIF Aggregation is now RIF Rollup!

  • The name RIF Aggregation has been deprecated. Note that this is only a name change and does not affect the architecture and purpose of the application.


The current version of RIF Rollup is a port of zkSync, a layer 2 (L2) scaling solution developed by Matter Labs that uses Ethereum as L1. ZkSync increases scalability by holding all funds on L1 (Rollup Contract) and performing computation and storage management off-chain (L2). Furthermore, the state changes associated with all L2 transactions are stored on L1 using transaction calldata, hence guaranteeing on-chain data availability: in case of L2 failures, users can reconstruct the L2 state and recover locked assets. For each Rollup block, a proof (SNARK proof) is generated and verified on L1.

The architecture provides the following guarantees:

  • The Rollup validator(s) can never corrupt the state nor steal funds
  • Users can always retrieve the funds from the Rollup even if the validator(s) stop cooperating because the L2 state data is available (reconstructable).
  • Thanks to validity proofs, there is no need to be online to monitor Rollup blocks to prevent fraud.

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