RIF Wallet App - Overview

Built with react native, and account abstraction at its core, the RIF wallet is a programmable wallet that enables developers and businesses to build and deploy a DeFi wallet for their end-users. With features like sending and receiving crypto using human readable names, paying for gas fees using ERC20 tokens, safely transition your users into Web3 without hassle. See some of the use cases of the RIF Wallet.

The wallet stack comprises of RIF Relay for payment of gas fees using ERC20 tokens, RIF Name Service (RNS) for sending and receiving crypto via usernames, and a set of wallet APIs and libraries for easy setup and development.

Get started with development using the developer reference guide or visit the user guide section for informaton on how to download and start receiving crypto.

Features of the wallet

Here are some notable features of the RIF Wallet:

  • Fully programmable and extensible smart wallet:

The RIF Wallet is a crypto wallet with smart contract functionalities. It is modular in nature and its functionalities can be extended. Businesses can build and adapt it to suit their use cases.

  • Pay gas fees using multiple ERC20 tokens:

RIF Relay is a secure sponsored transaction system that enables users to pay the transaction fees using ERC-20 tokens. This enables end users to transact entirely using one asset instead of having to manage a separate asset for gas payments.

  • Personalized domain usernames:

RNS (RIF Name Service) enables users to transfer and receive digital assets with the use of Aliases / usernames, to create a simple and seamless onboarding experience. Additionally, RNS domains are transferable and tradable as NFTs, allowing speculative use cases, collection, and easy change of ownership.

  • Connect to other dApps using WalletConnect

Establish seamless connections with various decentralized applications (dApps) by utilizing the WalletConnect feature, facilitating a user-friendly and integrated experience across the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Add a Contact

Effortlessly include a contact's details (Username and/or address, Name) in your Contact list, sparing you from the hassle of memorizing blockchain addresses.

Benefits of using the RIF Wallet

  • Bitcoin and Rootstock Compatibility: No need for additional integration, take advantage of bitcoin security while utilizing the smart contract capabilties and also access native tokens (USDRIF, RIF and BTC and RBTC) on Rootstock
  • Easily create and deploy a full programmable DeFi on Bitcoin wallet for your end-users, with capabilities such as personalized domain usernames, cheap gas fee transaction fees using ERC-20 tokens.
  • Implementation support and collaboration:
    • Technical support and resources throughout the process to ensure all capabilities of the wallet are fully utilized.
  • Easily build a native wallet application from scratch on top of a secure set of pre-packaged libraries and APIs.


The RIF Wallet uses RIF Relay to invoke any smart contract method paying the fees with ERC20 token, such as RIF, USDRIF. When performing a transaction using the RIF Wallet, we use RIF Relay to pay the fees with ERC20 tokens, hence, we do not need the native cryptocurrency (RBTC) to pay the transaction fee.

No direct fees are incurred when performing transactions using the RIF Wallet App. See FAQs.

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