Funding a wallet

There are several ways to fund your RIF Wallet.

In this section, we will cover;

  • How to view your wallet address
  • Getting test tokens
  • Depositing to your wallet address via centralized and decentralized exchanges

See the different ways you can fund your wallet with RBTC

Viewing your wallet address

To view your wallet address, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the icon by the left hand corner, this leads you to the profile page.

Step 2: View wallet address

You can view your wallet address by clicking on the copy button as shown below.

Getting test tokens

Note: Test tokens are not real tokens and should only be used for development purposes. When sending or receiving tokens, wallet addresses change depending on the network environment. Ensure wallet is on the TESTNET environment. For transaction using real tokens, ensure to switch network to use MAINNET. See switch networks for more information.

If you’re a developer looking to use the RIF wallet app in Testnet. See video tutorials for how to get test RBTC (tRBTC) or get test RIF tokens (tRIF) from the Rootstock and RIF Testnet faucets.

Using Exchanges

Depositing to a wallet address via decentralized exchange

You can deposit to your wallet using the native Rootstock Powpeg, or using the 2 way peg app or via Sovryn Fast BTC:

Depositing to a wallet address using a Centralized Exchange

You can deposit to your wallet address via centralized crypto exchanges by following the guide in:

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