Registering a Username

The RIF Name Service provides unique names for your wallet addresses to seamlessly receive crypto assets.Registering a username makes it easy to send and receive funds on the RIF Wallet App. After a username has been registered, you would be able to receive tokens on exchanges and wallets that support the Rootstock network using an email address. See the RNS Manager

Note that registering a username is a 2-step process, you will need the RIF token to perform both transactions. First step involves requesting a username and the second step involves purchasing the username.

To register a username, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Open the RIF Wallet App

Open the RIF Wallet application, and click on the “No username” at the top left corner.

Ensure the RIF token is selected as shown in the image below. To register a .rsk username, you need some RIF tokens in your wallet. See section on Funding Your Wallet for ways on how to fund your wallet with the RIF Token.

Step 2: Enter a phone number and email address (Optional)

To register a domain, you can choose to enter a phone number and an email address. Note that this is an optional step and these details are not used elsewhere on the application.

Click on Register Your Username

After entering the details, please double-check that all information is correct, then click on the button “Register your username”.

Step 4: Read info

After reading the information, click on the “Ok, thank you” button.

Step 5: Request Username

To request a username, add your preferred username to the .rsk field and number of years you want the username to be valid for. Choose the number of years you would like to preserve the username.

  • Username must be greater than 3 characters and available for purchase (If available, will show username available in green and vice-versa).
  • Note that an additional year attracts additional fees. See Fees section on how the fees are calculated.

Click on the Request button and Wait for the transaction to process

Step 6: Confirm transaction details

This feature uses the RIF Name Service (RNS) manager, and takes less than a minute to process.

Wait for the transaction to be processed.

Step 7: Purchase username

Click on the Purchase button, then view and Confirm the transaction details

Wait for transaction to process

Step 9: Purchase username successful

Your username has been successfully purchased.

Now, you can view username on the app.

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