Security and Privacy

Adding/Managing contacts

Creating a list of contacts is similar to adding a list of beneficiaries on your regular banking application. This feature is essential because it enables you to send funds easily without manually adding the addresses of the recipients everytime.

To add a contact, click on the face icon on the home screen and click on the new contact button.

Enter recipients username/wallet address and name

Converting to Correct Checksum

  • Fix the warning with checksum by clicking on convert to correct checksum. Save contact

Note: Checksum Addresses are a specific pattern of uppercase and lowercase letters within a given address to reduce the risk of errors introduced from typing an address or cut and paste issues. See the Differences with Ethereum: Checksums, derivation paths, gas prices.

View Contact

Click on a Saved Contact to view details about the transactions on that address, and also share the contact’s address.

Editing a contact

To edit a saved contact.

Click on contact you would like to edit, change name or address and save the new changes.

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