Backing up a Wallet

You can backup your wallet using the settings screen or when creating a new wallet.

  • If you lost access to your seed phrase, you can recover your wallet by visiting Settings → Wallet Backup → View your phrase.
  • Note that anyone who has access to your wallet seed phrase, can access the funds. We recommend backing up your seed phrase in a physical location only known to you. Do not rely on only electronic backups of your seed phrase.

Visit settings and click on "backup wallet". If creating a new wallet, follow the instructions below;

Click on the striked eye icon as shown in the image below to view your seed phrase. Click on the copy icon by the right and paste the seed phrase in a secure location.

Note: It is important to write down and secure your seed phrase in a location only known by you. Anyone who has your seed phrase can access the funds in your wallet. Note that the seed phrase shown in this guide is for testing purposes only.

  • This action CANNOT BE REVERSED, if you need to go ahead with this, ensure you have saved your seed phrase. Without the seed phrase, you will not be able to recover the funds in your wallet. Rootstock will not be held responsible for loss of funds in your wallet. See section on backing up your wallet.

To verify your seed phrase, enter the words in the order placed, as shown in your wallet and click OK.

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