Run with autominer (Ganache-like)

Ganache local network runs like what RSK calls autominer mode, it:

  • Creates blocks when new transactions are sent to the node
  • Will not create blocks if no transactions are sent
  • Allows to mine blocks manually via RPC
  • (optionally) Delete the database on restart

To configure the node, we are going to:

  1. Run it in --regtest mode
  2. Use a custom config to activate the autominer

The configuration we need to use is:

miner.client.autoMine = true

Create a autominer.conf file in the root of the repo (or other dir., remember to use the correct path afterwards)

This option can be activated when using the node in different modes

Setup Autominer on IntelliJ

On top of the default configuration (Java version and main class), we will need to add

  • Program arguments: --regtest and optionally --reset for database reset on restart
  • VM options: -Drsk.conf.file=./autominer.conf (or the path you chose)

It should look like this:


Setup Autominer on CLI

To setup autominer on CLI, use the command below;

Use this if you are running with JAR.

java -cp rskj-core-4.1.0-HOP-all.jar -Drsk.conf.file=./autominer.conf co.rsk.Start --regtest --reset


Now you have an RSK node running locally! It will create blocks only for new transactions, or arbitrarily by using the evm_mine RPC call.

See gif image below for example on how to do this;


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