Transfer tRIF from one account to another

Watch this short video demonstrating how to transfer tRIF from one account to another.

For the RIF Testnet Faucet:

1- Go to, you will take similar steps to the one above but this time you will send tRIF back to the RIF Testnet faucet address instead.

tRIF Landing

2- Copy the Faucet Address tRIF Landing Address

3- Open Metmask and click on the asset - tRIF Metamask Enter tRIF

4- Click on the send button Metamask Send tRIF

5- Paste your address in the address bar and click on next Metamask Send tRIF

If you get an error titled “Not ETH network, set to lowercase”, you will need to convert your address to lowercase, because MetaMask does not yet support the EIP-1191 checksum standard used by Rootstock. See the Checksum section of Account Based Rootstock Addresses for more information.

6- Click the Next button Metamask Send tRIF Next

7- Click on Confirm Metamask Send tRIF Next

8- Transaction processing Transaction Processing

9- Transaction Successful Send Transaction Successful

10- View the Transaction View tRIF Transactions

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