Token Bridge DApp Guide - Cross-Chain Transactions | Rootstock (RSK)

This Decentralized Application helps you to interact with the Token Bridge contracts, to safely cross your tokens between RSK and Ethereum networks. It is available at for mainnet or for testnet.


This guide describes the steps to transfer tokens using the Web Interface for the RSK Token Bridge system. Please refer to the project documentation if you’d like to know more about how this bridge works. It is possible to test the transfer of tokens between RSK Testnet and Kovan networks, or RSK Mainnet and Ethereum networks using the RSK Token Bridge web interface.


This will require the use of either Chrome or Chromium web browser, with one of the following wallet browser extensions:


Start by connecting your wallet and select the network of your choice, in this case we will use RSK Testnet network.

token bridge connect

If everything is correct, you should see the following screen:

token bridge token bridge connected

Then select the token that you want to transfer. For example, tRIF token (you can obtain them from the Rif Faucet). You will need to approve the bridge contract to use the token, this will happen only once.

token bridge approve

Once you have approved it, enter the amount you want to transfer, and the address that will recieve them on the other side then click Convert tokens button. Important! don't use the bridge to send it to your exchange address, you won't be able to claim it

As soon as the process starts, you will see a loader and a disclaimer explaining that you will have to wait around 30 seconds until the transaction gets mined.

token bridge wait for transaction

You're meant to confirm the transaction, click submit the transaction. The following image gives an example of the confirmation popup. This will create a transaction to call the bridge contract to cross the tokens. These steps require around 30 seconds for the transaction to be mined.

nifty wallet submit transaction

If everything worked correctly, you should see the transaction added to the Account Transactions list You have to wait depending on the amount you want to cross, around 30 minutes for small amounts, 1 hour for medium amounts or 24 hours for large ammounts for the tokens to cross.

Once the tokens have cross you need to claim them on the other network. To do this, change the network on your wallet, and click on the claim button.

token bridge claim button

A confirmation popup will appear to send the claim trasnaction to the network, submit it. After the transaction get mined, you will see your transaction as Claimed

token bridge claimed transaction

You can check the token contract on the other network by clicking on the token symbol (in this case etRIF). You can also check it on your wallet. To do this add a custom token on the network where the token crossed using the address mentioned before.

You can transfer tokens in the other direction too, using the same method.

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