Mainnet Guide

In this section we will go over the steps of converting BTC to RBTC and vice versa in Bitcoin and RSK Mainnets.

Note: The minimum amount of Bitcoin to convert is 0.005 BTC for Mainnet.

BTC to RBTC conversion

Instructions on how to do a Mainnet peg-in.

1 Get a BTC address with balance

Any Bitcoin wallet that supports legacy (p2pkh) private key works for this step, and here we recommend to use Electrum BTC wallet for connecting to BTC Mainnet.

  • Download the wallet from Electrum Website
  • Install Electrum
  • Start Electrum
  • Once Electrum starts, create or import a wallet
  • Go to the third tab "Receive". You will see a Bitcoin Testnet address like below.

Note: The Bitcoin wallet needs to be legacy (not Segwit) whose public key starts with either m or n, and private key starting with p2pkh:

Create a Legacy (p2pkh) wallet

2 Send Bitcoin to RSK Federation address

Note: You need to send a minimum amount of 0.01 BTC.

The RSK Federation address is retrieved by making a Smart Contract call on RSK Mainnet. In order to make the call, you will need to have MyCrypto installed, select RSK Network, and Navigate to "MyCrypto -> Contracts -> Select Existing Contracts -> "Bridge" -> "getFederationAddress" to execute the call. It should look like the screenshot below.

Get RSK Federation address from MyCrypto

Once you have the RSK Federation address, you can send Bitcoin to it from your Bitcoin address.

3 Wait for BTC confirmations

To ensure the transaction, we need to wait 100 BTC confirmations, be patient :)

100 blocks * 10 minutes/block = 1000 minutes = 16.667 hours approx.

4 Get RBTC address with BTC private key

You can get a corresponding RBTC address from your BTC private key by using If you do not want to compile the utility, you can download the latest release.

Note: when entering Bitcoin private key do not include p2pkh: in the front.

5 Check RBTC balance

You can check balance of RBTC address on Metamask, MyCrypto, or any RSK compatible wallets.

Note: You have to wait a minimum of 100 confirmations + a minimum of 5 minutes for checking your RBTC balance

RBTC to BTC conversion

Instructions on how to do a Mainnet peg-out.

1 Get BTC address with RBTC private key

You can get a corresponding BTC address from your RBTC private key by using If you do not want to compile the utility, you can download the latest release.

2 Send RBTC to RSK Bridge Contract

RSK Bridge Contract address: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000001000006

Important note: The minimum amount to send must be at least 0.004 RBTC for Mainnet Sending any lower amount fails and funds will be reimbursed. The Gas Limit of the transaction needs to be manually set at 100,000 gas; otherwise the transaction will fail. Gas Price can be set to 0.06 gwei (or the gas price suggested by the wallet).

Customize Gas in Metamask before send transaction on RSK

3 Check balance of BTC address

You can either use Electrum wallet downloaded earlier or from any Bitcoin explorer to check the balance.

Note: The release process on Bitcoin network takes 4000 RSK block confirmations and at least 10 more minutes.

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