Accessing and using funds that are not in accounts derived with RSK dpath in Trezor T

How to solve the problem of moving your funds when they are in an account that needs to be derived with a custom derivation path (dpath) using Trezor T.

General context

If you made a BTC to RBTC conversion using Trezor T, you need to access your account by using a custom dpath (44'/0'/0'/0/0 for Mainnet). With the last firmware versions, Trezor T is checking that the dpath matches with the expected one as a safety feature and this is a blocker when you intend to use a different dpath. You may also want to access your account with a different dpath if you made a mistake; for example, receiving RBTC at an address derived using the Ethereum dpath instead of the RSK dpath.

In MyCrypto or MyEtherWallet you may have received this message: "Forbidden key path".


To allow custom derivation paths, you will need to turn off safety checks (see Pavol Rusnak message).

To do this, you need to install python-trezor:

pip3 install --upgrade setuptools
pip3 install trezor

Once you are ready, run this command:

trezorctl set safety-checks prompt

(you need to have your Trezor T unlocked and accept the configuration in the device)

After moving your funds, you can turn them on again:

trezorctl set safety-checks strict

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