Performing a peg-out using Liquality and Ledger

2 way peg app (peg-out)

Performing a peg-out transaction using Ledger and Liquality

The Liquality Wallet is a browser extension for accessing Bitcoin, Rootstock, and Ethereum applications.

We will perform a peg-out transaction using the Ledger Hardware Wallet and Liquality.

See How to perform a peg-in transaction using Ledger

Get started

To perform a peg-out transaction using the Ledger device with Liquality, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Plug the Ledger device into the computer

Step 2: Enter your pin to unlock it. See step 2 in pegout transaction using Liquality for how to unlock your device.

Step 3: On the device, navigate to the TSK or RSK Test app on your Ledger device.

Step 4: Open Liquality and select Ledger option

Select Ledger Option

Step 5: Choose the "RSK asset" and click on the "Connect" button

Connect Ledger

Step 6: Choose the account that you want to use with Liquality

Choose account

Step 7: Click the "Close this Tab" button

Close tab

Now you can see "Ledger" label in Liquality accounts

Final screen



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