Performing a peg-out using Metamask Wallet

2 way peg app (peg-out)

Performing a peg-out transaction using MetaMask

Step 1: Select conversion type

To perform a peg-out, open the 2 way peg app - Testnet in your browser.

Step 2: Choose the RBTC - BTC conversion typeSelect rbtc to btc conversionStep 3: Connect your MetaMask wallet

​ Click on 'Connect wallet' and then select 'MetaMask'. ​ Click connect wallet Select metamask

If your wallet is locked, see images below for steps on how to unlock it.

Waiting wallet connection Unlock metamask wallet ​ And then click 'Confirm' to complete the first step. ​ Confirm metamask wallet connection

Step 4: Enter an amount

Enter the amount you want to send​. You can either enter it manually, or click 'Use max available balance' if you want to send all the RBTC you have. ​ RBTC amount to send inputStep 5: Verify your Bitcoin destination address

​ Click 'Get Bitcoin destination address'. Click 'Sign' first in 2-Way Peg App and then in MetaMask. ​ Click get bitcoin destination address Click sign button Metamask signature request ​ After signing, you will be able to know the derived Bitcoin address where you will receive funds. ​ Derived address

For more details on derived addresses. See the advanced operations section.

Step 6: Send transaction

Confirm the information, click 'Send' in 2-Way Peg App and then click 'Confirm' in MetaMask. ​ Click to send pegout transaction Confirm send on metamask ​ See final screen as shown in the image below; ​ BTC on its way


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