How to add a protocol in DefiLlama


DefiLlama is the largest Total Value Locked (TVL) aggregator in the DeFi space, relying on a team of individuals and contributors from numerous protocols to maintain its fully open-sourced data. The platform prioritizes precise data and adopts a transparent methodology.

It assesses the TVL by taking into account the worth of tokens locked within the contracts of a protocol or platform. While TVL for bridge projects is included in the calculation, it does not contribute to the overall TVL of any blockchain.

Check out the DefiLlama website and DefiLlama docs for more details.

How to list a DeFi project

Most adapters featured on DefiLlama are provided and managed by their individual communities, and any modifications are organized through the DefiLlama/DefiLlama-Adapters GitHub repository.

How to write an SDK adapter

An adapter is a piece of code designed to receive a UNIX timestamp and blockchain block heights as inputs. It then provides the balances of assets held within a protocol, considering the associated decimals (i.e., how they are stored on the blockchain). The SDK handles the conversion of raw asset balances into their equivalent in USD and aggregate them to calculate the total TVL. Consequently, the adapter requires minimal processing, as most of the conversion work is performed by the SDK.


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