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Turing complete

RSK virtual machine (RVM) is the core of the Smart Contract platform. Smart Contracts are executed by all network full nodes. The result of the execution of a Smart Contract can be the processing of inter-contract messages, creating monetary transactions and changing the state of contract-persistent memory. The RVM is compatible with EVM at the op-code level, allowing Ethereum contracts to run flawlessly on RSK.

Currently, the VM is executed by interpretation. In a future network upgrade, the RSK community is aiming to improve the VM performance substantially. One proposal is to emulate the EVM by dynamically retargeting EVM opcodes to a subset of Java-like bytecode, and a security-hardened and memory restricted Java-like VM will become the new VM (RVM2). This may bring RSK code execution to a performance close to native code.

Main features:

  • Independent virtual machine, that is highly compatible with EVM at the opcode level
  • Run Ethereum DApps with the security of the Bitcoin network
  • Performance improvement pipeline documented in numerous RSKIPs created by the RSK community

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