Performing a peg-out using Ledger Hardware Wallet

2 way peg app (peg-out)

Performing a peg-out transaction using rLogin(Trezor and Ledger)

​> - Note that we will be using the 2 way peg app on 2 way peg app - Testnet for learning purposes.

Get started with Ledger

To perform a peg-out transaction using the Ledger device directly, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Plug the Ledger device into the computer

Step 2: Enter your pin to unlock it

Step 3: On the device, navigate to the TRSK or RSK Test app on your Ledger device ​ Step 4: Access peg-out screen: pegout screen

Step 5: Click on Connect wallet button connect-wallet

Step 6: Click on Ledger button

Step 8: The application will show what network you are connecting on. For this tutorial we are using Testnet network

Step 9: The application will show a simple tutorial: 1-plug 2-install 3-close 4-open 5-confirm

Step 10: Click on the Finish tutorial and connect button:

Step 11: Select an account

Step 12: Ledger Connected
Step 13: Continue filling in the other fields as amount and click on the Send button

Step 14: After finish the pegout transaction creation, click here to see how to see the steps to access to Bitcoin derived address in hardware wallet using Electrum



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