Getting Started with RSKj

RSKj is the software used to run nodes on the Rootstock network.

You can run RSKj locally to connect to the public Rootstock networks - Rootstock Mainnet, and the Rootstock Testnet. Or use the RPC API.

RSKj can also run in a “localhost”-only environment, without connecting to any public network - Rootstock Regtest

The --import feature can be used to import the block database from an external source. See example for using the import feature. This is to be used ONLY for testing and development purposes and not in production.

If you do one of the following activities, you are likely to need to run RSKj on your computer.

  • Development
  • Running nodes
  • Mining

If none of the above applies to you, it is quite likely that you do not need to run RSKj software on your computer.

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