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Send RIF Tokens through Metamask

Send RIF Tokens through Metamask

You can either use the tool to download/install Metamask, and add RSK custom network or follow the steps listed below.

  1. Install Metamask
  2. Connect MetaMask to RSK:
    1. Open 'Network' selector
    2. Select 'Custom RPC'

  1. Switch network to RSK Mainnet
  2. Add RIF Token:
    1. Open 'Add token'
    2. Go to 'Custom token'
    3. Complete address field with RIF Token address:
      • 0x2acc95758f8b5f583470ba265eb685a8f45fc9d5
    4. Add token

Now you’ll be able to:

  • See your RIF Token balance
  • Send RIFs

If you want to Send tokens, you’ll need to consider certain things:

  • Gas price: should be 0.06 gwei
  • Gas limit: 60000
  • Transaction fee: RBTC (suggested amount will be displayed)
  1. Send Token (at RSK Mainnet)
  2. Advanced options
  3. Set Gas Price and Gas Limit as described before (ignore gas price warning)
  4. A small amount of RBTC is needed to cover for transaction fees

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