How to Store Stablecoins on Rootstock - Complete Guide to Stablecoins

In this section, we will cover how to store stablecoins on Rootstock.

Stablecoins can be stored using crypto-wallets.

Some crypto wallets support smart contracts when they connect to blockchain networks such as Rootstock. They allow a user to invoke smart contract functions. Recall one of the differences between tokens and cryptocurrency, which is that tokens are implemented using smart contracts. Thus crypto wallets which understand smart contracts are necessary to store and transfer tokens.

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Crypto wallets can come in various forms, including hardware wallets, and software wallets. Read more about Hardware and Software Wallets to learn about the difference between these types of wallets.

Also, watch this explainer video below to understand how crypto wallets work:

Using Software Wallets

You can add any of these stablecoins to a wallet integrated with the Rootstock network that lets you add custom tokens. This includes Metamask, or any wallet that supports WalletConnect.

The following wallets can also be used to store stablecoins, as these wallets both support Rootstock and the ERC20 Token Standard.


Defiant is the first mobile platform and geolocation-enabled P2P marketplace for stablecoins. It allows the exchange of cryptocurrencies from the Bitcoin, Rootstock and Ethereum ecosystem. You can store, send, and exchange crypto in an agile and secure way, without intermediaries.

Watch the explainer video for how to install and setup Defiant wallet:

You can get the Defiant App on Playstore and Apple store.

For a list of supported Cryptocurrencies and Tokens, see the Defiant Solutions Page.


The Liquality Wallet is a browser extension for accessing Bitcoin, Rootstock, and Ethereum networks. This MetaMask alternative supports multiple blockchains and provides the easiest way to flip between assets on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Rootstock networks with built-in one-click atomic swaps.

Watch this video on how to install and setup your Liquality wallet:

For a list of supported cryptocurrencies and tokens, see the Liquality Solutions Page.

Visit the Open Finance solutions page to see the full list of wallets currently integrated with Rootstock.


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