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The RIF wallet is a fully programmable and extensible DeFi wallet enabling developers and businesses to build intuitive and secure mobile-first Web3 experiences for their end-users. Businesses can now transition its end users into the Web3 ecosystem without all the complexity associated with blockchain addresses.

See Overview section for more information.

For Developers

Are you a developer, or a business looking to build and deploy a fully programmable wallet on Bitcoin?

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Configure Networks

The RIF Wallet app runs in both Rootstock mainnet and testnet with the default chain set to Testnet. You can configure this by changing the environment variable DEFAULT_CHAIN_TYPE to MAINNET in the .env file. See how to switch networks using the application.

API Docs

General usage

  • You can set up a new wallet or import an existing wallet to start sending and receiving crypto using the RIF Wallet App. See the User Guide for more information on how to get started using the application.

Watch the video on how to get started with the RIF Wallet:

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Contact and Support

For support and enquiries, get free consultation with the RIF Wallet team or request a product demo.

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