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Beexo is crypto made simple! Now with crypto chat to simplify the Bitcoin DeFi Experience.

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"We all want to send and receive money with the advantages of crypto but in a familiar and easy way. That's what Beexo provides: An experience as simple as exchanging cash by hand, or sending a message. It's an easy, simple, and user friendly payment experience, without complications, to send money globally and securely" - Ezequiel Cuesta.

How Beexo Wallet integrates with Rootstock


Beexo wallet is the first wallet to integrate RIF Relay (formerly RIF Enveloping), a secure sponsored transaction system that allows users to pay transaction fees using ERC-20 tokens. This system enables end users to transact entirely using one asset, eliminating the need to manage a separate asset for gas, similar to traditional finance. Rootstock Infrastructure Framework (RIF) introduces Relay to simplify the Bitcoin DeFi Experience.

  • RBTC listed
  • Coinswitch API (swap BTC-RBTC-ETH-USDT-DAI and BTC-DOC)
  • Mint/Redeem Money on Chain (RBTC-DOC, RBTC-BPRO, RBTC-BTC2X)
  • Beexo Switch: Fast BTC to RBTC

How Beexo Wallet Works

About Beexo

Beexo's mission from 2018 is to bring blockchain technology closer to users, by keeping the UX/UI simple.

Beexo is a private and secure communication tool and store for your cryptocurrencies. With Beexo, only you have control of your information. Everything you do is protected.


Chat: Beexo chat is peer-to-peer. Not only the content of your messages is protected, all data transactions are too. The best in messaging privacy protection.

Infrastructure: We have processed over 15 million transactions to date. We have nodes and super scalable infrastructure that allows us to support high demand. Beexo currently interacts with 4 different blockchains.

Transfer: Store digital currencies in your Beexo wallet. Send and receive coins from friends, or transact with decentralized applications.


Cross-platform: Beexo has evolved its mobile app to fully support both iOS and Android; and now with the recent addition of its desktop version, wallet access & control is even more convenient.

Management of our own nodes: We have nodes and a highly scalable infrastructure which allows us to support high demand.

QR Scanner: Allows you to make transactions by simply scanning a QR code and confirming the transaction.

Multi-seed support: Import and manage an infinite number of wallets, each with its own encryption settings.

Safe and Secure: The prime focus is on the safety and anonymity of the users. Client based storage makes sure that the keys are stored locally on the device, and authentication systems prevents unauthorized access.

Zero fees: Zero fees for sending and receiving transactions - you only pay transaction fees directly to the miners.

One-time backup: BIP-44 support enables you to keep everything both accessible and secure, with one strong seed phrase that you’ll need to back up only once.

Check out Account Based Rootstock Addresses for more information about using seed phrases on Rootstock.

Enhanced privacy/anonymity: No KYC bureaucracy needed to access your funds, no IP association, no identity linking, no transaction tracking. The servers anonymise your requests by hiding your IP address from prying eyes.

Enhanced privacy/anonymity: Your private keys never leave your device. Strong wallet encryption and cryptography guarantee that your funds will remain safe under your ultimate control.

Testnet for all currencies: All the currencies listed in the Beexo wallet can be used in Testnet.

Supported Token Standards

Useful Links

How to Download Beexo Wallet

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Asset types


Symbol Name Network
BTC Bitcoin Bitcoin
RBTC Smart Bitcoin Rootstock
ETH Ether Ethereum

Fungible tokens

Symbol Name Token Standard Network
RIF RIF Token ERC677 Rootstock
USDRIF RIF US Dollar ERC20 Rootstock
DAI Dai ERC20 Ethereum
USDT Tether USD ERC20 Ethereum
FLIXX Flixx ERC20 Ethereum

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