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Tenderly helps developers build, monitor, and improve smart contracts by providing a set of tools to boost productivity, save time, and ensure smart contracts are working as expected.

How Tenderly integrates with Rootstock

Check out the knowledge base article on how to build on Tenderly with Rootstock.


About Tenderly

Tenderly is a monitoring, debugging and data platform for Rootstock and other Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. It empowers blockchain teams and individuals by providing a powerful Debugger, intuitive Gas Profiler, Transaction Simulations, Monitoring and Alerting capabilities, Advanced Analytics and so much more.

Why use Tenderly?

  1. Track errors in your smart contract:

Instantly find the line your transaction reverted on 2. Make Use of a visual debugger: Inspect the transaction execution with a couple of clicks 3. Inspect the state of your smart contract: See the state of your contract at any point in a transaction 4. Analyze your smart contracts: You can analyze the behaviour of your smart contracts. 5. View custom metrics: Every Smart Contract is unique. Record custom metrics unique to your contract. 6. Detect Smart Contract Gas usage: Know how much gas your Smart Contracts use. Analyze gas usage with method-level precision. 7. Get Real-time Notification Alerts: Be notified on any of your favourite channels like Slack, Email, etc. whenever one of your custom set rules happen. 8. Detect suspicious activity: Know when your Smart Contracts are not used as expected. 9. Ensure a smooth running of your Smart contracts: Make sure complex Smart Contracts work like clockwork.

Features of Tenderly

Tenderly’s simulation feature is the new best friend for DeFi developers, enabling:

  1. Changes to the source code of a Smart Contract before simulating a transaction
  2. Converting any address into a Smart Contract
  3. Test out bug fixes and improvements for historical transactions, or try new ones

The Transaction suite is packed with time-saving tools including Execution Overview, Stack Traces, Events/Logs, Contracts, Visual Debugger, State Changes, and the Gas Profiler.





  • tenderly-cli - Dev tools to debug, monitor and track the execution of your smart contracts
  • hardhat-tenderly - Hardhat plugin that helps you verify your Solidity contracts, as well as allow you to privately push contracts to Tenderly.

Get in touch

If you have any technical issues write to support@tenderly.co, or use in-app chat.


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