Common errors when using the app | 2 way peg app Documentation

2 way peg app (peg-out)

You may encounter the following errors when trying out the application:

  • Liquality

    User Rejected Error: User Rejected error

    • Problem: This error occurs when the user starts connecting its wallet and for some reason cancels it.
    • Possible Fix: See fix below

    Error when connecting Error connecting

    • Problem: This error occurs if you have MetaMask and Liquality enabled in your browser.

    MetaMask and Liquality enabled

    • Cases: This also happens if another activity is been carried out, outside the connecting process when the connection is happening (for example, trying to disable the Liquality wallet extension in the middle of the connection).
    • To fix both errors:
      • Go to manage chrome extensions, and disable any other wallet extension,

    Disable extensions

      • Disable Liquality, and enable it

    Enable Liquality

      • Refresh the 2 way peg app.


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