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Defiant is the first mobile platform and P2P marketplace for stablecoins. The service allows the exchange of cryptocurrencies from the Bitcoin, Rootstock and Ethereum ecosystem, using geolocation. You can store, send and exchange crypto in an agile and secure way, without intermediaries.

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How to use Defiant

Integration with Rootstock

Defiant RSK Integration

You can access cryptocurrencies and tokens on the Rootstock network, using local currencies in several Latin American countries, through Defiant's integration with Kripton Market!

Defiant's integration with Kripton Market

Defiant's main characteristics

  • Compatibility: First wallet working for Bitcoin, Rootstock, and Ethereum.
  • Non-custodial: Nobody has access to your crypto except you. You can take them wherever you want, whenever you want.
  • P2P Market: You can exchange crypto, peer to peer, within the app without intermediaries.
  • Stable Coins: You can store cryptocurrencies in parity with the dollar, such as Dollar on Chain (DOC) and DAI.
  • DeFi: Defiant allows you to manage your finances in a decentralized way, there are no institutions involved. Even we don’t have access to your crypto.

Defiant's manifesto:

We challenge the idea that what we know is all there is.

A century ago, sending value between continents took months. Digital money appeared two decades ago.

Only a few years ago the blockchain was created, solving technological and trust aspects between parties. Goodbye to intermediation and centralization. Decentralized finance allows each person to actually be in control of their value. Defiant is your door into this new world and the new ones to come.

Currencies supported by Defiant


Symbol Name Network
BTC Bitcoin Bitcoin
RBTC Smart Bitcoin Rootstock
ETH Ether Ethereum

Fungible tokens

Symbol Name Token Standard Network
RIF RIF Token ERC677 Rootstock
DOC Dollar on Chain ERC20 Rootstock
BPRO BitPro ERC20 Rootstock
USDRIF RIF US Dollar ERC20 Rootstock
RIFP RIFPro ERC20 Rootstock
DAI Dai ERC20 Ethereum

Non-token financial assets

Symbol Name Network
BTCX BTCX Rootstock
RIFX RIFX Rootstock

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