WakeUp Platform for Creating and Deploying Smart Contracts

WakeUp Labs is a software development studio that assists EVM-Compatible Blockchains, DAOs and traditional organizations in overcoming technical challenges and expediting product development.

Its developer-oriented platform called WakeUp has integrated the Rootstock blockchain, which allows developers without prior experience in blockchain development to create and deploy smart contracts.

The platform currently supports Rootstock, Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, Scroll, and other EVM-compatible chains.

How WakeUp Platform Works

How WakeUp APIs integrates with Rootstock

About WakeUp Labs

The WakeUp Labs platform designed for developers, which allows people without prior experience in blockchain development to create and deploy a Smart Contract with ease, just by using traditional APIs. This is very important for reducing entry barriers into the ecosystem, providing a first version of a project without diving into the complexities involved, and beginning to familiarize oneself with the different concepts.

Getting Started

This GIF showcases a project developed using our APIs, thus displaying information about the contracts deployed on the platform to date.

To get started, visit the WakeUp Platform to create an account.

If you're unable to log in, try using Chrome or Safari.

Once registered, you will be provided with a dashboard containing relevant information, such as the number of contracts created or NFTs issued.

On the left sidebar, go to the API Key section, where you'll be able to generate your API key needed to use the APIs provided by WakeUp for creating or executing Smart Contracts with well known programming languages.

In the same left sidebar where you found the API KEY section, you can navigate to the website documentation. This will take you to our Stoplight portal. Stoplight is a collaborative API design platform that helps you build top-notch APIs and establish scalable API programs that drive innovation. In this case, it will allow you to utilize the APIs created by WakeUp.

You can determine if the API is a POST, GET, PUT, or other types.

Also view the URL of the main API and in the right box, you can even choose which programming language you want to draft the Body and make the call.

On the left side, you can explore all the APIs available, and their respective functions, very similar to how platforms like Alchemy or other providers operate. In most cases, you can implement them on the Roostock Blockchain since this choice is a parameter when you're configuring the BODY.

To implement the APIs in your project, refer to the API key, and the APIs explained in Stoplight, you can integrate them into your source code and start working.

Watch the video explainer on Youtube for guides on how to implement the APIs in your project.


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