Performing a peg-in using Liquality Software Wallet

Using Liquality Software wallet to perform a peg-in

In this guide, we will be using the 2 way peg app application for unlockcing liquality, access peg-in to use liquality, and verify if peg-in is active.

Acessing pegin to use Liquality


After click on Liquality button, you will see the pegin liquality page, then the 2wp-app will connect with your Liquality wallet.

NOTE: To know how to install the Liquality chrome plugin, go to Liquality Page.

Unlocking Liquality

Unlock Liquality using the same password that you created in the installation. liquality-unlocking

Using Correct Network on Liquality

If you see the message below, it means that your Liquality wallet is in the incorrect environment, change it to the correct environment and try again.


Select the correct environment on Liquality:


Verifying if the plugin is active

If you see the message below, it means that your Liquality wallet is not enabled, change it to enable and use the software wallet.


Go to chrome (manage extensions)[chrome://extensions/] and active your Liquality wallet


Step 1: Enter the amount you want to send

You can either enter it manually or click 'Use max available balance' if you want to convert all the rbtc you have. To perform a pegin the minimum amount allowed is 0,005 BTC. ​ Rbtc-amount-to-send-input

Step 2: Verify your RBTC destination address

You can choose the RBTC destination address filling the input with a Rootstock address. ​ liquality-set-destination-address

Step 3: Set the transaction fee


Step 4: Verify if all fields are filled

After all fields are filled in, it should look like this.


Step 5: Verify the Transaction

liquality-verify liquality-verify

Step 6: Sign the Transaction


Step 7: Go to status page to verify the status of the transaction


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