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3xpl (3xplor3r) is a high-speed, advertisement-free universal blockchain explorer that supports over 40 blockchains including Rootstock tokens (ERC-20, 721, 1155) and .rsk domains. It provides an intuitive block explorer interface suitable for general cryptocurrency users, with the ability to generate PDF transaction receipts and wallet statements.

3xpl Solution

For more advanced users such as developers, analysts, and academics, 3xpl offers additional resources:

  • JSON and WebSocket APIs for developing applications.
  • ClickHouse API to run analytical SQL queries.
  • An option to download database dumps for local analysis of blockchain data.

About 3xpl

While many explorers typically support only a few blockchains or are limited to a single architecture, 3xpl aims to support as many blockchains as possible within a single interface and data format. This helps users to locate their addresses and transactions across different blockchains without switching contexts. The universal search bar allows you to search all blockchains at once.

A significant feature of 3xpl is its open-source core, which assures that the data it presents can be independently verified by running 3xpl's code. This transparency fosters trust and encourages community contributions, enabling quicker growth and more efficient development.

Privacy First

Block explorers and their advertising partners tend to track users to maximize their profits. When an ad network or Google Analytics is used, explorers leak which users see which transactions, thus making it possible to connect users with their transactions and wallet balances. 3xpl takes privacy seriously and has no 3rd party code on its pages. 3xpl offers an Onion hidden service on the Tor network for maximum privacy. 3xpl can work without JavaScript being enabled.

Key Features

  • Support for Rootstock, and other blockchains in a single explorer
  • No advertisements for a cleaner user experience
  • Fast performance
  • Open-source for verifiable data
  • Enhanced privacy, including a Tor network option
  • Developer tools such as Data Dumps, JSON and WebSocket APIs, ClickHouse API, and charts

Get In Touch

If you have any questions regarding the developer tools or partnerships, please contact 3xpl on Discord.

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