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D’CENT wallet is a new generation of über convenient, biometrically-powered cold storage tools that literally put the management of precious digital assets at your fingertips. D’CENT wallet has been a part of the Rootstock ecosystem since Q4 2018, working closely with RIF.

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On top of managing RBTC/RIF using D’CENT's hardware wallet, D’CENT brings new features which support the Rootstock network based DApps through D’CENT Mobile App. Users can access DApp sites from the DApp browser in the Discovery tab of the D’CENT Mobile App, or by connecting the desired services through WalletConnect.

How D'Cent Wallet integrates with Rootstock


How D'Cent Wallet Works

Supported Tokens

Supported Token Standards

Other Supported Token Standards

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How to Download D'Cent Wallet

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Visit the links below to download D'Cent Wallet.

Asset types


Symbol Name Network
BTC Bitcoin Bitcoin
RBTC Smart Bitcoin Rootstock
ETH Ether Ethereum
XRP Ripple Ripple
LTC Litecoin Litecoin
DGB Digibyte Digibyte
BNB Binance Binance Chain
TRX Tron Tron

Fungible tokens

Symbol Name Token Standard Network
RIF RIF Token ERC677 Rootstock
USDRIF RIF US Dollar ERC20 Rootstock
DOC Dollar On Chain ERC20 Rootstock
rDAI Redeemable DAI ERC20 Rootstock
rDAI Redeemable DAI ERC20 Ethereum

Non-token financial assets

Symbol Name Network
BPRO BitPro Rootstock
RIFP RIFPro Rootstock

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