About RIF Communication

RIF Communications is an infrastructure protocol built on top of libp2p, which allows parties in a peer-to-peer network to discover each other and establish secure communication channels, with assured anonymity, confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity.

  • Confidentiality: no third-party can read the sent messages.
  • Integrity: prevention of a third-party of modifying the sent messages.
  • Authenticity: prevention of impersonation of any of the endpoints.
  • Anonymity: If enabled, nobody in the network can identify the sender or the recipient for any particular message.

By using their public keys as a discovery mechanism, users can publish pseudonyms on the RIF Directory and be discoverable without the need to remember long public keys. The RIF Secure Communications Infrastructure protocol aims to fulfill the need for establishing secure links between end users, RIFOS parties or services.

In addition, RIF Communication also aspires to expose a low level library suitable to be used as communication layer in decentralised applications like Rootstock (RSK) node, Lumino network node and similar.

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