RIF Notifier

About RIF Notifier

RIF Notifier is a software service that listens to events on the Rootstock (RSK) blockchain and notifies its subscribers. RIF Notifier sends notifications to active subscribers for the following events in the Rootstock blockchain

  • Contract events
  • New Transactions
  • New Blocks

RIF Notifier also sends notifications to Lumino clients for following events in the Rootstock blockchain for registered Lumino tokens.

  • ChannelOpened
  • ChannelClosed

RIF Notifier offers the following notification methods to its subscribers. These notification methods are subject to availability at the given RIF notifier provider.

  • SMS
  • API

RIF Notifier at its core serves as an interface between the Rootstock blockchain and the external world. Multiple provider nodes can provide notification services and these provider nodes can be registered with RIF Marketplace so end users can create subscription.

Any events in the blockchain are instantly communicated to the users via their requested preferences. RIF Notifier users can also get a list on RNS addrChanged events and chainAddrChanged events from multi chain contract.

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