RIF Multisig - Savings and Vault Solution

The objective of this project is to provide the Rootstock (RSK) community with a safe and simple (from a technical POV) solution to create accounts that require multiple signatures to transact their funds.


The solution consists of four main modules:

  • A suite of smart contracts that allow creating multi-sig accounts
  • A Node.js and Web SDK for creating and operating multi-sig
  • Proper documentation that will help developers to integrate the solution to different projects
  • A sample application exposing a correct user experience for operating multi-sig.
Get Started

Use the Javascript SDKs to create and operate multisig wallets

Sample Application

Take a look at the sample application, you will find handy snippets in the code

Gnosis Summary

Understand the smart contracts and the architecture

Receive updates

Get the latest updates from the Rootstock ecosystem